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DOTA 2: Rubick Spell Steal Video

Rubick, The Grand Magus, is one of the funniest heroes to be added to the Dota 2 beta so far, so I decided to make a montage of some of my experiences with him. His ultimate allows him to steal the last spell cast by the target hero. So, as you can imagine, hilarity ensues.  Enjoy!

-Micah Messer


Dota 2 Hero: Lifestealer

Written by Micah Messer

There he is… Isn’t he beautiful?

Even though N’aix the Lifestealer looks like the kind of creature that would devour my soul with a smile on his face, I’ve still been enjoying him greatly. It’s been hard for me to get into strength heroes recently, but Lifestealer is special. Instead of taking the front line like most other strength hereos, he actually spends a lot of his time hiding behind his team mates. Did I say behind? I meant inside. Lifestealer’s ultimate ability is called Infest. The ability’s description is as follows:
“Lifestealer will infest the body of the target unit, lying dormant and undetectable inside. When he reveals himself, he deals damage to all nearby enemy units. Lifestealer can gain experience from units that die while he is infesting a unit. If the unit is a creep, he will devour it first, gaining health equal to the unit’s current HP. Does not work on enemy Heroes.”

Portal 2: Peer Review… Review

Written by Thomas Read

If you’re any kind of respectable gamer, you probably like Portal. What seemed like an afterthought to the Orange Box back in 2007 rapidly turned into a gaming sensation, and soon became as renowned as Half-Life 2. Within a short couple of years Portal was insanely well-known, and the innovative, quirky and fun gameplay, characters and dialogue earned a special place in gamers’ hearts.

Back in spring of 2011, the long-awaited Portal 2 was finally released, featuring a deeper story (and a much-needed expansion of hours), new gameplay elements and an impressive co-op mode, allowing players to team up with their friends to control a total of four portals, complicating the puzzles and, miraculously, improving upon the original game.

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Team Fortress 2 Review

Written by Forrest Messer

It’s hard to believe that Team Fortress 2 has been out for nearly three and half years, I still remember first hearing about it in a ventrillo server while my friends laughed hysterically at the larger than life characters the game featured. Despite being out for so long, Valve has managed to keep Team Fortress 2 as fresh as the day it came out with a near constant stream of un-priced content patches that have fleshed out the game even to the extent of redefining it, and now, It’s free. That’s right, there is now absolutely no reason to not completely lose yourself in the finely tuned multiplayer experience that is Team Fortress 2. The game is comprised of nine mercenary classes that have been hired by competing corporate interests. These nine classes are then broken into three subclasses; Offense, Defense, and Support. There is truly something here for everyone, with each class performing vital but different roles.

This big guy isn’t gonna let a little ‘arrow-to-the-hand’ stop him.

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