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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Released

In response to the fan outrage at the ending of the acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy, Bioware released Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut today. You can expect our thoughts on this potential “fix” of the ending of this remarkable series within the next few days.


Best of E3 2012

Here at IPGR, we watched E3 with the glee of children in a candy shop. Every year, new games and systems are shown off, the Internet is abuzz with video game talk, and people get very excited for the coming months. However, this year, our overall elation at new public video game announcements was punctuated with disappointment at the abundance of sequel announcements and general lack of focus on gaming. It certainly wasn’t all bad, though, and in fact, we’re very excited for some of the upcoming games! It’s no secret that some games and companies “win” E3, so without further ado, here are our winners in various categories:

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God of War Ascension: What can they Improve?

Written by Micah Messer

Greetings friends! With the recent announcement of the new PS3 exclusive, God of War: Ascension, being developed by Sony Santa Monica Studios, I made the decision to play through God of War 3 again. In my opinion, the game is a total mixed bag, but despite its flaws, I enjoy it quite a bit. With a new installment in the God of War series on the way, I thought I might give my thoughts on what I feel they got right, and what they can improve on.

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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review

Written by Micah Messer
It’s quite difficult to accurately describe in words how good this game actually is, but I’ll do my very best. BUY THIS GAME!
Playstation game developer Naughty Dog has dug itself into quite the hole with their critically and commercially successful Uncharted series. Uncharted and Playstation 3 pretty much go hand and hand; If you buy a PS3, you’re gonna get Uncharted. The game’s sequel, Uncharted 2, has also received dozens and dozens of perfect scores and game of the year awards. Because of this, everybody’s expectations (including my own) for the next installment in the series were through the roof. I’m very happy to say that Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception delivers in almost every way possible. It’s an absolutely fantastic experience that simply must be played by anyone who owns a PS3. It’s really no surprise though. Naughty Dog’s developers are some of the most talented in the business.

The graphics of Uncharted 3 are absolutely mind-blowing. It’s by far the best looking game on the console to date. Naughty Dog should be commemorated for the amount of detail shoved into this game. Nathan Drake, (the game’s protagonist) reacts exactly how you would expect a human to react in any given situation. His animations are absolutely top-notch. If you walk around a corner, he puts his hand on the wall and drags it across. If you come near fire, he will shield is face from the light. The game exudes polish. While the story might not be as tight as the yarn spun in Uncharted 2, the locations that it takes you to are much more impressive; Yemen, London, Syria, and France to name a few.

Well, guess I better start walking…

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Ratchet & Clank All 4 One Review

Written by Micah Messer

Sorry for the delay folks, I was distracted by Orcs Must Die and Infamous: Festival of Blood. Bastards! In any case, here’s the review for Ratchet and Clank All 4 One!

Insomniac has been very busy recently. With the freshly released Resistance 3, and the still-in development Overstrike; perhaps the title getting the least amount of attention is Ratchet and Clank All 4 One. The long-running Sony-exclusive series has been around for almost ten years now. That’s right, your favorite Lombax and sentient robot duo have appeared in over ten different titles over that amount of time. Seven of them being official releases developed by Insomniac themselves for Sony’s home consoles (PS2/PS3), with Ratchet and Clank All 4 One marking number eight for that group. The Ratchet and Clank series has always been a blast; but after that many games, it’s understandable that the formula could start to become a bit stale. Insomniac attempts to mix it up a bit by adding 4 player co-op into the series for the first time in All 4 One. We’ve seen co-op before in Ratchet: Deadlocked, but not like this.

I’m a big Ratchet fan. I’ve played all of the official Insomniac releases to completion except A Crack in Time(which I hear is great.) I was very sceptical watching gameplay previews for All 4 One throughout it’s development, but also fairly intrigued to see how well they’d pull off 4 player co-op gameplay. I’m pleased to report that Insomniac has done a great job of implementing co-op into the Ratchet and Clank series, though the formula had to be tweaked a bit to do so. Things like the new shared camera angle make for some chaotic fights where you can lose track of your character at times. While it’s not the deepest experience ever, you’re definitely not wasting your money buying it. It can be a hell of a lot of fun, especially with friends.

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InFAMOUS: Festival of Blood Review

Written by Micah Messer

I know that here at IPGR, we’ve been doing a lot of DLC reviews recently, and I apologize for bringing you yet another one; but I swear, the developers tricked me! Even though Sucker Punch claims it’s a standalone game, and you don’t have to own Infamous 2 to play it, Infamous: Festival Blood is basically DLC, and it will be scored as such. 

The concept of Infamous: Festival of Blood is pretty ridiculous, but the thought of running around town as Vampire Cole was an exciting one. I was able to look past the ludicrous setting in the hope of some fantastic vampiric abilities. Even though I didn’t get the full set of blood-sucking skills I was hoping for, turning into a flock of bats and flying around New Marais is still pretty awesome. Festival of Blood introduces a couple of fun tweaks to Infamous, but ultimately it’s hard to say whether it gets more things right than wrong.
Thankfully, Infamous: Festival of Blood is not canon. Cole doesn’t actually turn into a vampire. It’s all just part of a crazy story being told by Cole’s friend, Zeke, to impress a lady friend. This set up may seem a bit cliche, but it’s definitely preferable to these events actually transpiring within the Infamous universe. I have to say, every time Zeke referred to the one of the vampires as a “fanger” (one who fangs?) I just got a bit annoyed.

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Uncharted 3 Kill Montage

Even though it seems I am incapable of achieving anything greater than some generic grenade kills, here is a kill montage from the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer.

-Micah Messer

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Written by Nathan Love

Uncharted is, without a doubt, the PlayStation 3’s most distinctive and visible exclusive franchise. Notoriously difficult to categorize, the Uncharted series combines elements of action-adventure games, third-person shooters, and platformers to create a delightfully unique gameplay experience. Throughout the series, you play as enterprising treasure hunter Nathan Drake as he lucks his way into and out of dozens of intense and harrowing situations- and with the recent release of the third game, we at IPGR thought it would be helpful to give you our thoughts on the first game in the series, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

The game, as I’ve said, is difficult to pigeonhole. Much of the gameplay is spent shooting at enemies. Uncharted features the ever-present one-touch cover system, but executed so fluidly that many of the issues present with the system in other games are almost nonexistent. Headshots, realistically, are always a one-shot kill (disregarding enemies with helmets, which require another shot to knock off). The shooting controls are excellent. The auto-aim on running-and-gunning is just inaccurate enough to discourage you from using it except in emergencies or for tactical positioning, and the two-button point and shoot controls for aimed fire make you feel like a total sharpshooter. The controls, however, are not perfect. Early games for the PS3 are marred by forced usage of the Sixaxis controls, and Uncharted is no exception. Grenades, aimed entirely through motion control, are maddeningly difficult to use, and as such I rarely did.

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LittleBigPlanet Review

Written by Nathan Love

LittleBigPlanet is one of the core exclusive franchises for the PlayStation 3, and it doesn’t take much brainpower to figure out why. Announced back in 2007 with a release date of October 2008, LittleBigPlanet has since garnered nearly universal acclaim among the gaming community and critics alike, as well as selling nearly four and a half million copies worldwide. Described as one of the PS3’s “killer apps”, LittleBigPlanet is a fun, quirky, and gorgeous puzzle-platformer and creative tool that appeals to a wide variety of casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Right off the bat, the tutorials (narrated by the illustrious Stephen Fry) set the tone for the rest of the game. Your character, an adorable little Sackperson, can jump, push and pull objects, and animate in a variety of endearing and hilarious ways. The level design is, at heart, fairly standard puzzle-platforming fare; you must navigate your character from point A to point B, with various obstacles to avoid and overcome in your way. There are points to collect, harrowing jumps to be had, checkpoints after major struggles, and a goal at the end of every level- in every way, it is the very model of the genre.

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Heavy Rain Review

Written By Thomas Read

Heavy Rain is a roller-coaster of a time that is more like a movie than a traditional video game. Don’t think for a second, however, that you’ll be watching anything for long. The game’s immersion is phenomenal and you feel like you’re literally in the shoes of whichever character you’re currently playing as. The game has four playable characters, and by the end of the game you feel connected and emotionally invested in each of them. The game is an achievement in storytelling, which is, above all, a cinematic experience that is both entertaining and engaging without a doubt.

The story is vast and contains multitudes, as nearly every one of your smallest choices shape how the game’s plot develops. This can honestly be a bit scary at times, because the game has no game over. If you make a mistake, or something goes poorly, such as failing a life-threatening challenge or even not feeding your son on time, the consequences stick with you. In some cases, playable characters can even die. Every playthrough is unique, and every player’s experience will be an exclusive story based on their choices and actions.

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