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Heavy Rain Review

Written By Thomas Read

Heavy Rain is a roller-coaster of a time that is more like a movie than a traditional video game. Don’t think for a second, however, that you’ll be watching anything for long. The game’s immersion is phenomenal and you feel like you’re literally in the shoes of whichever character you’re currently playing as. The game has four playable characters, and by the end of the game you feel connected and emotionally invested in each of them. The game is an achievement in storytelling, which is, above all, a cinematic experience that is both entertaining and engaging without a doubt.

The story is vast and contains multitudes, as nearly every one of your smallest choices shape how the game’s plot develops. This can honestly be a bit scary at times, because the game has no game over. If you make a mistake, or something goes poorly, such as failing a life-threatening challenge or even not feeding your son on time, the consequences stick with you. In some cases, playable characters can even die. Every playthrough is unique, and every player’s experience will be an exclusive story based on their choices and actions.

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