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Nintendo Announces 3DSXL

In exciting news, Nintendo has announced a super sized 3DS system to be released this year, on August 19th. It will retail for a mere $30 more than the regular sized 3DS, at the price of $199.99. The screens will be 90% bigger, making your 3D experience even more immersive and impressive.


Nintendo Direct Pre E3 2012 Impressions

By Thomas Read

Just a few hours ago, Nintendo finished their Pre E3 Conference, offering some new details and clarification on the Wii U. Some interesting and innovative new features and details were announced for the tablet controller, now named the “Wii U Game Pad.”

Before and After

Iwata stated that the Game Pad could also be used as a “social window” to communicate with other players independent of the system’s activity. I’m anticipating a Facebook channel on the Wii U. The camera can be used in a webcam-type experience, allowing players to see and talk to each other using the Game Pads. This is a cool feature that we’ll hopefully get more details on. For example, can more than two people have a conversation with their cameras as once? Can you chat while in-game? Could you see someone on your controller while you play a co-op game online with them? Could the Wii U use the image of the person you’re chatting with as a live in-game graphic?

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Star Fox 64 3D Review

Written by Nathan Love

Star Fox 64 was one of the most classic and fondly-remembered games of its generation. At the time, it was praised by critics and gamers alike for its fast-action gameplay, eye-popping visuals, and complex gameplay paths, and it is still well-known today. Even if you’ve never played Star Fox 64, you know of it if you’ve ever been on the internet- it is, of course, the origin of the memetic phrase “Do a barrel roll!” Naturally, the legacy of this classic arcade-style game was motivation for yet another Nintendo 64 rework on the Nintendo 3DS. So how did Nintendo do?

Well, to start, the game is clearly another masterful rework. Nintendo poured a lot of resources into making sure that this remake is faithful to the original and they passed my nostalgia test with flying colors. The same fast-paced rail-shooting that kept me up late at night as a kid playing levels over and over to improve my score in the original remains untouched, particularly if you select N64 Mode. (The other mode is 3DS mode, which adjusts the gameplay for the Circle Pad and motion controls, and is also very well done.) The controls in both modes are responsive and intuitive, and the Circle Pad and other 3DS controls are a welcome improvement over the nightmarish N64 controller. The game gives you the option to set the button configuration to the original N64 layout or to use the new 3DS “intuitive” layout. I found myself unable to play with the new layout, but gamers who have not spent hours playing the original will not face the same difficulty.

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