Scoring System

Here at IPGR, our scoring system is a little bit different from other review platforms. While we do use a 1-100 rating system, we also give games two different scores, the Overall Score and the Genre Score. The Overall Score tells you how good the game is as a total package. This takes into account things like the amount of content you’re getting for your money, any standout features, and just overall how enjoyable it is to play. The Genre Score is there to let you know how a particular game holds up against other games of the same genre. For example, a game could get a 70 for an overall score with a 95 for a genre score if we feel it’s one of the best games within its genre.


One response to “Scoring System

  1. Frank Urbanski July 17, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    The idea of overall score and genre score is very smart.

    Good idea!

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