Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC Review

Written by Micah Messer 

  Bioware recently released Dragon Age 2: Legacy. A new piece of DLC with the promise of a deeper look into the Hawke lineage, a new customizable weapon, along with a couple extra hours of content. That’s what it promised, and that’s what it delivered. Nothing more, nothing less. Although it isn’t the deepest experience ever, it is enjoyable nonetheless, but is it worth the $9.99 price tag? Well, that really depends on how much you like Dragon Age 2 and how much you value a couple more hours on the continent of Thedas.      

   In terms of content, there’s not much here. We’re talking a 2-3 hour campaign, a new weapon and some new enemies, that’s it. There are no significant additions to the game. The most apparent thing in this DLC, and I gotta give Bioware some credit here because they seem to have struggled with it in the past, is that every area that you visit is new. There are no reused environments or modified areas. Every location was specifically made for this DLC. The other impressive thing you will find is the variety in the new enemies. There are some tough baddies thrown at you, and they force tactics upon you, giving you no choice but to think out your strategy rather than blindly charging into a fight (at least on PC hard difficulty). The other thing to note is the final boss fight. Although not particularly challenging, it is a fully fleshed out boss that has a few interesting mechanics.

There isn’t a whole lot of gear or loot to be found, but you do find some new stuff along the way. Most notable is the Hawke’s key. It’s a class specific weapon that is more than likely better than anything you’re currently using, but the coolest part about it is how it can be customized. Throughout the campaign, you can give it extra stats such as a bonus to electricity damage, or a 5% chance to restore 2% of your health on hit. Other than that, you find some new pieces of armor scattered about, but assuming you have already completed Dragon Age 2, what you have on is probably better.

Oh… crap…

The story isn’t anything to write home about, unfortunately. It revolves around your father, Malcom Hawke, and how he managed to help imprison an incredibly powerful darkspawn named Corypheus many years ago. You spend about 2 and a half hours walking around listening to people talk about said darkspawn, having no idea who he is or why he is relevant. All you know is that he wants your blood. – until you finally meet the guy.  The majority of the story takes place in the last 10 minutes.

The rest of the experience is spent dungeon crawling, which isn’t a huge complaint considering Dragon Age 2’s superb combat. However, the story is still quite linear, as it offers practically no choice whatsoever in what happens, or any choices in general. Fortunately, as with anything that Bioware puts out, there’s a compelling amount of voiced dialogue and conversation to be had. Your party members comment on just about everything that happens throughout the adventure, and their banter is as enjoyable as ever.

To say Dragon Age 2: Legacy is a disappointment isn’t entirely accurate. Considering Bioware’s track record with DLC, I don’t think anyone was expecting much. They’re well known for putting out tiny snippets of content, and then placing the price tag way too high. That’s exactly what we have here. I’m not saying it’s all bad, I enjoyed parts of Legacy, but there’s just not a whole lot here to justify spending 10 bucks on it. If you aren’t desperate to play some new Dragon Age 2 content, I’d recommend saving your money and skipping this one.

Overall Score: 69 
The new enemies that have been added make for some genuinely entertaining and challenging fights. However, a weak story and lack of content hold it back from being something great.

Genre Score (DLC): 63
As far as DLC goes, this is pretty weak. There are absolutely no significant additions you won’t be able to live without, and there’s no compelling story to make you want to play through it. If you’re looking  for a fully fleshed out experience, I’d look elsewhere. However if you’re itching for a few more hours of new Dragon Age 2 content, this should do the trick.


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