InFAMOUS: Festival of Blood Review

Written by Micah Messer

I know that here at IPGR, we’ve been doing a lot of DLC reviews recently, and I apologize for bringing you yet another one; but I swear, the developers tricked me! Even though Sucker Punch claims it’s a standalone game, and you don’t have to own Infamous 2 to play it, Infamous: Festival Blood is basically DLC, and it will be scored as such. 

The concept of Infamous: Festival of Blood is pretty ridiculous, but the thought of running around town as Vampire Cole was an exciting one. I was able to look past the ludicrous setting in the hope of some fantastic vampiric abilities. Even though I didn’t get the full set of blood-sucking skills I was hoping for, turning into a flock of bats and flying around New Marais is still pretty awesome. Festival of Blood introduces a couple of fun tweaks to Infamous, but ultimately it’s hard to say whether it gets more things right than wrong.
Thankfully, Infamous: Festival of Blood is not canon. Cole doesn’t actually turn into a vampire. It’s all just part of a crazy story being told by Cole’s friend, Zeke, to impress a lady friend. This set up may seem a bit cliche, but it’s definitely preferable to these events actually transpiring within the Infamous universe. I have to say, every time Zeke referred to the one of the vampires as a “fanger” (one who fangs?) I just got a bit annoyed.

The whole story of Festival of blood is that Cole has been bitten by a Vampire named Bloody Mary, and at sunrise, he will become her pointy-toothed vampire slave. It’s your job to stop Bloody Mary and kill as many vampires as you can before you lose your free will. This set up kind of falls short, because throughout the entire game, I just wanted to be a vampire. I didn’t want to fight to stop the process from occurring. I just wanted to suck the blood out of civilians and fly around in the night sky. Rule #1 of making a good plot: create a cause that the audience actually wants to fight for.
The more I thought about it, the more I wanted Sucker Punch to just make an actual vampire game by itself, but instead they use the lame “lol Cole’s a vampire now” excuse. Although, knowing Sucker Punch they would probably give you the choice between being the “good” vampire that only drinks pig blood, and the “evil for the sake of being evil” vampire that exclusively eats babies. Choosing to make it under the Infamous name was a lazy, unimaginative mistake. But, since they insisted on it being “Infamous: Festival of Blood”, I suppose we must make do.

Unfortunately, Festival of Blood is pretty damn short. I started playing it around 4:30pm and finished it at 7:30pm, with a 45 minute break for dinner. So the game was practically tiny. Of course, collecting all the blood jars and getting all the trophies will add another 30-45 minutes on, but the game was over before I could get into it. Just when I was starting to dig all of the Festival of Blood additions, the credits rolled.

Speaking of Festival of Blood additions, they’re pretty cool. I just wish there were more of them. Notable additions include the comic book cut scene creator for UGC missions, a revamped (hah, vamped) spooky New Marais, and a couple of new vampiric abilities for Cole’s arsenal of powers. Cole also has the ability to run up to any civilian, pin them to the ground and begin sucking blood from their neck; it’s pretty hilarious. Performing this horrible display of dominance will recharge your blood bar, which gets drained whenever you fly around in flock-of-bats mode, which unfortunately, is the only additional combat ability you get from Festival of Blood. Thankfully, Infamous 2’s combat is really solid, so it still feels really good.

Another disappointment is, since they’re calling Festival of Blood a “standalone game” and not DLC, they don’t really have to add on to what’s already there in the way that DLC should. So a lot of the upgrades in Infamous 2 are reused as upgrades in Festival of Blood. Such as the double grenade, and the tripwire rocket.

Overall Score: 73
Despite it’s shortcomings and mistakes, Infamous: Festival of Blood is still enjoyable. It just didn’t didn’t blow me away. The final product is one that feels a bit rushed.

Genre Score (DLC): 75
Festival of Blood is super short and doesn’t have very many additions, but the ones that are there are good. It’s not as entertaining as Infamous 2, but for only $10, it’s kind of hard to say it isn’t worth it.

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